Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The American Awakening

On Monday last 9/29/08, the House of representatives soundly defeated the $700 billion dollar bail out of Wall Street. Members of congress in both the House and the Senate is receiving mail, fax's, e-mailings, phone calls running 10 to 1 AGAINST the proposed bailout of the greedy wall street firms.

The American electorate, the vast majority of those that live in "flyover" country, are refusing to buy into the leftist liberal chant that the world will end if this 700 billion of taxpayer money isn't voted in to save the greedy wall street firms. It seems the only ones that will get hurt are the very ones that created the problem, making loans to people who couldn't afford them, then knowing how risky the loans were, going out and selling the loans to other banks and well here we are now.

We are told, by the leftist liberals, that if these wall street firms collapse, it will mean a chain reaction of banks failing, huge unemployment, more businesses closing and a great darkness will fall on the land----. Its all part of the leftist agenda people, one exaggerate a problem and make it sound like a huge crisis, then come riding to the rescue with promises of I will make you well---with vague promises that sound oooh so good---but in reality it only is yet another layer of government program welfare. Lets reward the poorly managed wall street and implement more government control of the market place, the government will decide who gets to stay in business and who doesn't----(and all at taxpayer expense I need not remind you)

Well the vast majority of voters and I am talking both republican and democratic and independents are rapidly coming to the conclusion the bail out isn't necessary, let the bad wall street firms bail themselves out---all congress needs to do is put out some legislation that protects the taxpayers from losing their homes through no fault of their own. Another thing the vast majority are rapidly concluding---is maybe we should put money aside for rainy days, and not live from one credit card billing to the next----maybe pay cash for things , even hold off spending til one can purchase it for cash. I ever hear banks are starting to offer incentives to open an account and save money---(remember when they use to give away toasters and microwaves to new account holders??)----and people are starting to look at our current crop of presidential candidates, and asking themselves which one's WILL cut back government spending and waste, which ones are FOR the country? USA!! USA!! USA!!

In any case the leftist liberals inciting near panic in the news, the constant drumbeat of negativity about the country----people ain't buying it-----.


  1. I just hope American makes the right decision come November 4th.

  2. Just remember who asked for the money in the first place ie George W. Bush a republican.
    Hey and if you let em these "conservative" republicans will steal the rest of your retirement. But I'm sure you'll like living in Bushville.

  3. its primarily the conservative republican members of the House, along with 95 "blue dog" democrats that stopped the leftist grap for taxpayers money on Monday---and more and more the sentiment against this grab for power by the leftists is building.

  4. How many young families HAVE to have the huge four bedroom house with all the expensive furniture,two new cars in the driveway and the expensive vacations each year.
    I am amazed that they can sleep at night with their massive mortgages and huge credit card bills they are paying every month.
    Who wants to pay a mortgage for 35 to 40 years.
    That's just plain crazy.

    Bear((( )))

  5. Dennis Kucinich, a rabid liberal (who was eloquent in his opposition) as a "blue dog" Democrat. Funny stuff!

  6. Gary - Regarding the early bailout failure in the House - In that there are only 47 members of the Blue Dog Coalition, it would appear that they accounted for only about half of the nay votes from the Democratic side.

    Regarding the recent Senate vote-
    "In the final vote, 40 Democrats, 33 Republicans and independent Sen. Joe Lieberman of Connecticut voted “yes.” Nine Democrats, 15 Republicans and independent Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont voted “no.” "

    33 Republicans and that wannabe Republican Lieberman voted for the new version. There's your Republicans in action.

    Seems your great Governator wants some kind of bail out also.

    Your partisan hatred here is downright funny. Are you so angry at Democrats that you cannot see this is a bipartisan problem with no clear cut partisan answer?

  7. This bailut is the "Camel's nose under the Tent"---Government NOW has the right to buy up thoe companies that are on the verge of failing. It will be government that decides which firms get bought and which ones don't, no longer will the law of supply and demand make these decisions. With government now able to buy and own our companies, they will control who gets to work, and determine how much you will be allowed to earn. History will mark this vote on the so called Bailout, as the point when American became a socialistic state---individualism is no longer incouraged----in fact anyone showing signs of being more apt at business or at anything will be marked as "suspect"and needing "re-educating"---preferable at a leftist Ivy league school.


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