Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Obamabots are in a Frenzy

Tomorrow night (Thursday) is the debate between Sara Palin, and the old man of the Senate Joe Biden. As this date has come closer, the foul mouth Obama-bots have been given their instructions by their leftist liberal bosses,and are flooding the bloggosphere with disparaging remarks about Sara Palin, and once again telling us how stupid we must be if we think well of her. What is encouraging is the louder and more infuriated the obama-bots chain mail their comments across the board sending them a dozen times an hour without even trying to change the wording to make it look original---the more outraged the majority of Americans are getting with the leftist controlled press and their hand made candidate Obama, whose only claim to fame is Oprah likes him-----frankly a man that refuses to put his hand on a bible, say the pledge of allegiance to our flag, and consciously snubbed visiting our wounded troops because it would mean missing his time at the spa-----is not MY idea of who should represent this great nation.

It will not surprise me if tomorrows debate most likely will make or break the election----I think, the majority of voters are becoming unhappy with the socialistic, leftist mutterings of Obama, and they are definitely not wanting the greedy wallstreeters bailed out---now if we can just get our elected representatives to vote what their constitutes demand.


  1. Too true!!! And if we could just get the media to report the actual news and not what's 'entertaining' and 'interesting' (and bending the truth to get that) we'd all be better off. Yay for Fox News!

    Thanks, btw, for the add on your list! That just made my day! :)

  2. Sadie:---hey, the pleasure was all mine---you make ME laugh.


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