Sunday, October 12, 2008

Its Tomorrow---and The Suns Out

I got a good nights sleep, slept in til after 7am , enjoyed a hot shower (specially in that the drain worked real good), --the LP is still sleeping so here I am catching up on my friends postings, dropping my comments, and sipping a good cup of coffee (I make a mean pot of coffee, or so I have been told). The Sun is shining in a nice clear blue sky---and the weather forecast is for it to get into the mid 80's for the next few days. Life is good once more. (you were right Sue(lol)).
Necessity is the mother of invention, as the saying goes, and as such I have signed up to be a paid post reviewer-----well you guys all told me I could write, or were ya just being nice? If I have any success at this new venture----you most likely will be seeing some off the wall post topics on my page here. I don't think this will happen all that fast, but then again I am new at doing this so not sure what the market for this kind of service will be.
Being a beginner, my "fee" for doing reviews is kinda minimal, but if I DO have any talent for writing, then over time the base charge for my skills should go up----if not then the whole venture will just fade away and we just won't talk about it anymore.
Today's chores consist of emptying out the two cabinets, one under the sink in the kitchen, and the other cabinet under the sink in the pantry area, and putting things back in , in the proper order----the plumbers took everything out to do the work, and then put the crap all back in any which way they could get it all back in----turns out they couldn't so had a few things left out----me thinks I have way to many left lover storage dishes----Rubbermaid, Tupperware. and assorted heavy duty plastic (all with lids mind ya) To good to throw out-----maybe I should return some of this stuff to my nieces who keep inviting me to family gatherings and sending me back home with Tupperware dishes full of good food??


  1. Glad things are finally looking up for you. And your plumbing is still working. My suggestion for the storage dishes?.....take them with you next time you go to the family event and that way you won't bring home more. Have a great day!


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