Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Welcome Home Annie

Some people literally light up a room when they walk into it, ---some have ya smiling and they haven't said a word yet----what can one say about a lady who talks about a Rooster named Elizebeth---names all her Guinea fowl Tarzan or Jane ----well the lady is a treat to have around and I am very glad to have made her acquaintance here in the bloggosphere, you all might want to drop by and check out her blog, "Fools Rush In"-----I think it should be put into the Smithsonian and labelled a national treasure, welcome home Annie, glad to have ya back.


  1. wow. And here I was, wishing you were talking about me.

  2. Well, thank you sir! Wow, I am honored.

  3. Wow ... what kind things you have to say about Annie. I will surely stop by her blog to visit!

  4. I just looked at her blog and I really liked all the pictures and stories.

    I especially like the title of her full moon picture, "You've been moon"

    Have a blessed day.


  5. Granny Annie has a great site and I found another site that is great which is welcome to our world. She gave Granny Annie a wonderful recipe for Dangerous chocolate CAke in a Mug. Definitely going to try. Congrats Annie you deserve this commendation.


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