Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Obama Speaks the Truth---finally

Unbelievably the other day Obama, was asked a question by a small business owner and he gave the man an honest answer. The Man , his name was Joe and he ran a small plumbing business and was thinking of expanding his business, BUT if he did so it would push his income past the $250,000 ceiling that Obama would implement, and thus force him into a higher tax bracket, and he asked Obama why he thought that was fair.
Obama, slick talker that he is, explained that his tax plan, increasing the taxes of those making more than $250, 000, was good for the country, it would spread the wealth around, those that for whatever reason didn't make as much as Joe would get government assists, (no mention was made as to any requirement that these poor people should work for a living or not?), but with money taken from the Rich (Those making more than 250,000 and up) and having it given to those that don't work, somehow would make the world a better place, and that Joe would then have more business, and paying even more in taxes.
Obama didn't explain why Joe should continue to work hard at growing his business and taking on the higher tax levies, and not just slack off and take welfare like the non-workers do. In any case it WAS OBAMA telling him that's what he Obama wanted for American this great social leveling---it is the Leftist's (Socialist's) dream, the perfect world, everyone has the same suffers the same, and the government makes all the decisions---oh wait that's Communism ain't it?----doesn't Matter must be good , after all Obama is for it. and the state has always taken good care of him.


  1. I'll bet that good democrat isn't going to vote for Barry now. What do you think?
    Oh sure I'm going to vote for you Barry. I think you are brilliant by taxing me to the limit and share the wealth for all those lazy asses out there. You got my vote!!! Oh yeah!! Can't wait for you to take care of me, you and that wonderful government. And by the the way that friend of yours Bill Ayers, what a great guy, you should make him secretary of education, teach my kid to blow up a few things.

  2. I just want it to be OOOOOOVER!!

  3. I just love the spin from this side. Swallowing the fictions manufactured into truth by the McCain machine makes it impossible to even have a clue of what the truth even is.

    And what Dana said, I am ever so ready for this stupidity to be over.

    As I watched the fires in southern California rage once again, I thought of you often. Not knowing exactly where you lived, I wondered and hoped you and anyone close was fairing okay. I have an old friend out there who had to evacuate. The fires missed his house and he is back home now.

  4. I personally thought McCain won last night - the polls are completely up in the air. They all show something different. This is getting absurd. I wish people would just open their eyes. It really shows you just how stupid people are in this country... *sigh*

  5. you hear him say it last night MCCrum, anyone making over $250,000, is making to much and will be taxed and the monies spread around by the government to those that aren't as hard working. Somehow this will incourage business's to grow and create jobs---I can't wait til I make extra money to give to the government to give away to non workers.


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