Monday, October 6, 2008

"Meanwhile---Back at the Ranch---"

Last week we were all intertained with the leftist liberals screams of how the world would end if we didn't bail out wall street, and managed to panic enough of the congress into spending 700 billion dollars to buy up bad mortgages and bail out the greedy wall street firms. The market continues to fall this week, which kinda tells ya what real business people think of the bailout plan.

Obama has increased his lead in the polls, so its a pretty obvious indicator that the Leftist liberals have sold their snake oil, and convince everyone that they are poor and deserve more and everyone is now heading out to their local welfare offices to sign up for the the govenment give aways.

California afte years of having the leftist liberals entrenched in government here is now formally applying to the government for a bailout load of 7 billions dollars. Whats interesting to see is that Nancy Pelosi (a represenative from California no less), feels we should wait to see who wins the election, and is troubled that the request comes from a state with a Republican Govenor. California is so broke, we can't pay for government services, the leftists refused to cut spending on any of the welfare programs, and Arnold refused to raise taxes, although he did sign a bill to increase the sales tax another full percentage point,, supposedly a temporary measure for three years----yeahh rightttt!! Today none of the financial institutions will buy new bonds, so we need to be bailed out. Many other states will soon be looking for bailout funds from washington----and of course the leftists love that as it gives them what they want total control of the country, welcome to the socialist states of America.

----Meanwhile, back at the Ranch, life goes on-----least now we can blame the leftist liberal democrats for the mess we are in for the next few years.

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  1. So well said. I still can't wrap my brain around anyone who would vote for a man they know literally nothing about. Are people that naive or does their anger run that deep with George Bush and they could care less?
    Let me tell you what I have found out to date.

    Young druggie, smart, goes to college. Has two best friends (Pakistani). Flies to Pakistan and stays with their families for two weeks then on to Africa with his family.
    He is also muslim and has made many slip ups trying to hide this fact.

    First ? Where does a young college kid get this kind of money to travel? Single mom?

    Goes to the most expensive schools in the country.

    #2 Where does he get the money? Loans? HOw does he get in? Black?

    He graduates living in New York. Offered a very lucrative salary as an attorney. Opts to go to Chicago to be a community organizer for $12,000. Hmmmmm?

    His idol is Saul Alinsky the first radical community organizer in Chicago who dedicated his book to "Satan". And an anti- American.

    He aligns himself with Tony Rezko, (Arab background) and a crook, Bill Ayers, (Terrorist), and the Reverand Wright, (white Hating racist), Acorn the very liberal organization who is involved in corrupt illegal voting and much much more and who donated alot of money to Baracks campaign.

    Is no one outraged out there by any of this?
    Am I going crazy or is everyone out there so immoral and sick that they would want this man occupying our Oval Office? His relationships with the Middle East are very deep and his two Pakistani college friends run his internet campaign. He has received alot of money from Rezkos' Saudi friends. This is very frigtening!! I think people should put country first before politics. At least we know about John McCain love him or hate him we know nothing about this very dangerous man.

    What say you??

    I am asking any liberal to answer these very basic questions. And don't give me the stupid George Bush spiel it doesn't hold water.

    Do you want this country to turn into a socialistic government? That is exactly what will happen with Barack in office.


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