Saturday, October 18, 2008

Think About It---??!!

your sitting there scanning the comments people have put on your posts, and in the back of your mind maybe plotting out your next post. The sun is shining your morning coffee is sooooo good, but then ask yourself-------who was reading your blog last night???

We all know the kind of people we like, and admire. We publish our posts with a certain quality of audience in mind, and we go to all kind of lengths to present the image we want others to see us as being like. Its human nature to wanna be loved. We go to extreme lengths to hide what we consider to be our flaws or weak points, and its very uncomfortable to have friends or family remind us of them. Yet here we all our out blogging, presenting our self to the world, or at least that image we want the world to see-----but again, who is reading your blog?? What are they like, what might they think of you??

Like most Bloggers, you love getting comments on your postings, and wanting to see "more" of who they are, we quickly track down THEIR blog pages and profiles and try to categorize who they are and what they are all about. Guess what??----you find they are people who you might well not have wanted to meet---or worse some of them might be people you would find most difficult to explain to your real world family and friends----yet, you develop a online relationship, you visit their blogs and make comments and they do the same for you---but as you continue this unsolicited relationship, you begin to find yourself feeling guilty about the flaws and weak spots you have hidden from the world---while these others seem to not care and appear to have thrown themselves out there warts and all and are enjoying themselves. The question now is----why aren't you?

So tonight late, when your all snuggled down under your warm blankets and just about to fall asleep----think about it---I wonder who is reading my blog right now??----sweet dreams.


  1. Gary, should this post bother me? I see I'm no longer listed under your family and friends and wonder if I have unknowingly offended you in some way? I am sorry if I have.

  2. Grannie Annie. MY Baad, I was moving my links around from those that I follow, versus my blog list of family and friends and my other blog list of "Interesting blogs" In my confusion, I failed to link you properly, but I have corrected it, and you most definitely are in my friends list as well as my interesting blogs list as well. love ya

  3. I was thinking about this the other day ... I've met some wonderful friends that I would have never, ever met without blogging. That would include you!


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