Sunday, October 12, 2008

IT Ain't Honey-----Honey

Reading various blogs its amazing what one can learn. Today (10/12/08) I clicked on a blog titled "Marginal Revolution". This blog always has an eclectic subject matter going for it, and today's posting , "Fruitless Fall" was particularly thought provoking.
I have noticed myself that this year there has been a much lower level of bee activity in my area of southern California. Tyler Cowen, the author of the above posting, makes reference to a book that talks about the effects of our modern Industrialized farming methods, and the impact it is having on the bee population. Something evidently that has been going on for some length of time.
In the posting referenced above, I learned that not all Honey sold on the store shelves is real honey, some of it is only about 40% honey, the rest a mixture of other fillers, like corn syrup, rice syrup, and such.
So don't be totally surprised if your hubby or boy friend some morning eating his breakfast suddenly says, "This ain't Honey---Honey?"


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