Saturday, October 25, 2008

OH NO----Not the Supermarket AGAIN!!

Its Saturday, I would like to pretend its any other day of the week but it IS still saturady-----and no getting round it----we gotta go to the supermarket. (thats the trouble with food----its addictive)
In my denial of it being the day it is---I have yet to make a list of those things I need ---and we all know how deadly it is to go into a supermarket without a specific list. (shudder). So my first mandatory chore for the day will be to inventory the pantry and cupboards and make up the list of those items that should be procured. I have not a clue as to what meals I might serve this week----I am tempted to just stop at the big market freezer and pick the first seven frozen Marie Callendar entrees I come across---the only thing stopping me is, they are loaded with sodium (aka salt), and I am never really convinced that the chicken, beef and pork they profess to be made from is really chicken, beef or pork. (----clap your hands if you believe children.)
Now as my mind circles the concept of making up a list of stuff to procure from the Groceria---I am mentally savoring the idea of maybe one meal being a "Hobo" Omelet---eggs with onions, bell peppers, pieces of ham, or bacon or both,---add it some bite sized pieces of potatoes and cut up tomatoes-----yessss that sounds good, okay we got one meal identified, only six more to go---- now what else should we shop for? OH, OH!! how about Chili with fresh cornbread slices?? (Damn I'm on a roll now)-----Pastry Shells willed with precooked chicken breast chunks, mixed vegetables in a cheese sauce-------Smothered Pork chops, Mashed Potatoes and green beans, Beef Enchiladas w/verde Sauce, Mexican rice and re fried beans-----Swordfish steaks, Tator Tots, -----and finally good old Spaghetti and meat balls, tossed salad.
Wow, now that I got me the list---guess will I still have some positive thinking going I will head to the store------laters yeh awl---(lol)----(ooops almost forgot my Ralph's card)


  1. My doctor says
    No eggs, ham, bacon; the Chili is okay as long as there is lean ground meat and no cornbread.
    I could have grilled skinless chicken breast chunks and mixed veg--no cheese.
    Goodbye pork chops--- so long mashed potatoes!!!

    Guess I won't be eating over at your place next week.

    Bear((( )))

  2. You give me ideas for my own dinners for the coming week.Thank you Gary !

  3. I'm sitting here at 10 am drooling for dinner because of you. Everything you are making this week sounds divine. Too bad your are on the opposite coast. Oh's cool today so we are going to make a pot of chili. Not sure about the rest of the week. Hope your shopping trip was uneventful.

  4. Your dinner ideas sound yummy. Toss in Jambalaya or Etouffe (hey, I'm from New Orleans, what can I say) and it would be a perfect week! OH, and MUST HAVE red beans and rice on Mondays - always - always. It's tradition.


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