Friday, October 17, 2008

Lazy Days

Perhaps I am just being depressed and not realizing it, but I seem to lack any real interest in anything this last week. The new TV programs do not hold my interest, (hard to stay focused when the plotlines are interrupted every five minutes with commercials, some of which are better than the programs themselves.), politically I see the country sliding downhill into Socialism, (where government controls all aspects of ones lives, from your government garanteed mortgage, your government controlled bank, to your government funded schools, and of course the government handouts for correct social conduct, IE, unemployment benifits, the unwed mother benifits, the food stamp programs, etc, etc, etc ---and even as I type this its common knowledge that the Socialists    liberal leftists, that controle the old Democratic Party, are already organizing even more government giveway programs to make those that vote for them to be even more dependent on them---enlarging the unemployment payments for example. another round of stimulus paychecks , even if ya don't pay taxes -----amazing .

Like with their candidate making it quite clear both in his explanation to Joe the Plumber out in Ohio, and then again in the last debate.  Obama and the Socialists firmly believe $250,000 income is obscene and should be heavily taxed, and that money handed out to those who don't work for whatever reason.  Young people today look at old fossils like me and laugh at the concept of working for 30 years, saving up for those things one can't easily afford.  They KNOW how it is to be, "The ONE" has made it clear, nobody should make more than 250K, and therefore why work hard and save, the government will provide.  What is sad about all the young folk today is---they really believe this----they do not believe the leftists programs ahve been tried in the past and have always again and again collapsed and shown themselves to be dead ends.

I am to old to change.  I have always paid my way and hopefully always will, to do anything less would tell the world I am a lazy bum.  I got to much pride to allow society to see me that way. I will crawl out into the forest and quietly starve todeath before I allow myself to take money from the government that I didn't earn.


  1. Gary:
    What are the income tax rates in America?
    For 2008 here in Canada the FEDERAL tax rates are:
    15% on the first $37,885 of taxable income,
    +22% on the next $37,884 of taxable income (on the portion of taxable income between $37,885 and $75,769),
    +26% on the next $47,415 of taxable income (on the portion of taxable income between $75,769 and $123,184),
    +29% of taxable income over $123,184.
    And added on to that are the PROVINCIAL taxes which vary depending on which province you live in.
    Then we also pay property tax if you own a home, provincial sales tax on purchases of everything (except food--but restaurant meals are taxed) and the Federal GST (Goods AND Services.)
    Also in my province (Ontario) we pay a Health premium on our Income Tax which varies from 0 to 600$ per person per year.
    And then there are all the SIN taxes for cigarettes, booze and gasoline which are hidden in the prices of these items.

    I have always been under the impression that we Canadians pay MUCH more in taxes than Americans.

    Bear((( )))

  2. The current Individual tax brackets in the United States as best as I can determnine them are as follows.
    0 - 7875 no taxes are due
    7826 - 31,850 15%
    31851 - 77,100 25%
    77,101 - 160,850 28%
    160,000 - 349,700 33%
    349,000 and higer 35%

    To the above Federal taxes, one must then add the State Taxes, and the property taxes. This year the property tax on my home came to 3,168.75 cents Its not cheap to live in California, (the leftists are well entrenched here)

  3. It will be O.K. All we can do is vote and hope for the best.

  4. I hope it will be ok Judy. We pay $9,000.00 a year property taxes, almost $10,000 a year for my health care plus co-pays on every medical service and this does not include my husbands through Medicare and unfortunately we are in a high personal income tax bracket. Then we have all the other stuff i.e. gas taxes, food taxes, luxury taxes, actually taxes on almost every product we buy anymore. The list goes on forever. It is very discouraging to see money we have worked hard for to have a nice retirement being given to every social program out there. We fret and worry about paying our taxes when a large part of the population don't give it another thought. What happened to only property owners being able to vote on where their tax money goes? Why can people who don't contribute to society decide on these issues? Why aren't people more outraged that our society is well on it's way to becoming a socialist country?


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