Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Vacationing in October

The majority of people take their vacations during the warm summer months, primarily as that's when the kids are out of school. However a large number of people are learning that one can have most enjoyable vacations year round. My own favorite time of year for breaking out of my normal everyday routines and getting away from it all---is the month of October.
One is less likely to board a train or bus and run into loud children for one thing. The weather is usually warm without becoming deadly hot and humid. It being after labor day, the hotel and motel rates are not so steep. One is much more likely to find a good price on a cruise up and down many of America's big rivers. New England in the fall, with the colored foliage, the Rockies with their first dusting of snow, the aspen a golden yellow, ----the vast ruggedness of the desert landscapes of New Mexico and Arizona., the lush bucolic atmosphere of wine country in norther California,-----Yellowstone national park, --the grand canyon, a boat ride down the Mississippi-----The great Lakes----and do ya find yourself humming the old commercial refrain---"See the USA in your Chevrolet----America is asking you to call---" Yep October is one great Month to enjoy one's hard earned vacation time. I bet you all have a few favorite places here in the Great USA to visit that I failed to mention---feel free to add to my list.


  1. Fall is my favorite time of the year. We are lucky enough to live in an area in which the leaves change. We often have friends and relatives vacation here during the fall months so they can go leaf peeping. I love driving up to the Blue Ridge Parkway (about 30 minutes from us) to see all of the magnificant colors of fall.

  2. Most people don't know that October is considered the slowest month at the tourist attractions here in Florida. So if you can swing it and don't want the nasty long lines at Disney, Sea World, Universal, then this is the month to come visit.

  3. okaaay we got one vote for Florida and Disneyworld, another for the Blue Ridge Parkway which is I assume in the Blue Ridge Mountains which are I think someplace east Indianna, and South of New York??


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