Friday, October 24, 2008

THERES STILL TIME ----but its getting short

Did you wake up this morning feeling LUCKY? Did ya find a penny laying on the ground face up?---or maybe find one of those elusive 4-leaf clovers?----or maybe you just figure what the hell , its free so why not go for it----well then trot on down to Bonnie's blog , "Name That Witch" page, and help her name her Witch. Her contest is open thru Oct.26----and the winner gets one hell of nice basket of goodies--, and ooh ya, you can make as many entries as you wish (one name suggestion per comment please). Course I doubt if you can beat MY entry, (you'll have to read back through all the comments to find mine) anyway while your figuring out a good name, you can listen to her Halloween music on her blog-----(lol).


  1. Shhhhhhhhh Gary....if you tell EVERYONE...I'll never win! lol
    You did come up with a couple of good names...but there are so many of'll be hard for Bonnie to choose. ( I REALLY want that basket!)
    Have a good weekend...oh by the way...I'll do a post tomorrow...just to let ya know so ya have somethin to read.

  2. What a nice thing to do ... linking to her contest!!

    It's really ALOT of fun!

  3. Thanks, Gary....your the best. It really is gonna be a tough one, choosing the best name. They are all great. I may just have to buy a bunch more witches and more baskets to give away, LOL.


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