Sunday, October 5, 2008

"A Red Dog Mood"

The TV Industry assumes nobody watches TV on Saturday nights, so there is nothing on except re-runs or infomercials (talking about broadcast TV, not the good stuff that one gets if one can afford cable or satellite feeds). I often wonder do people opt to go out on Saturday night because there is nothing on TV, or nothing on TV cause everyone goes out?? I think the networks are missing out on a good thing, by not putting good original programing on Saturday prime time-----especially now when times are getting tough and money tight and people ARE staying home more.
Last night (sat night), there being nothing on TV, we, (we being the LP and myself), watched a good old movie from Netflix, titled "Twins", with Danny Divito and Arnold Schwartznegger. A pleasant laughable plot, with no heavy messages or political themes. Makes me laugh just to think of those two actors playing the roles of being twin brothers.
Tonight being Sunday, we will once again endeavor to get interested in the on going soap operas , "Desperate Housewives" and "Brothers and Sisters". I for one am not enchanted with on going soap like plot lines continued from week to week. If one misses a week then the following shows become kinda silly and not worth watching. I much prefer shows that each segment stands on its own like a mini-movie. Unfortunately, that requires good writing, and it seems writers have priced themselves so high that the cost of putting on a well written show has become to risky, so the networks have gone to putting on "Reality" programming. Some people find reality programming entertaining. I find reality TV to much like watching strangers home movies of their last summer's vacation---forgettable.
Then too, even those good shows are hard to get to excited about, as they now pack in so many commercials, that the constant interruptions to the program keep a person from getting to involved in it. On the other hand if we didn't get all those commercials would anybody ever have told us about "Restless Leg Syndrome", or whatever disease of the week might be---I swear the pharmaceutical people invent pills, then spend zillions of dollars designing a ad campaigns to sell them-----wow can you imagine how much better off our country would be if we didn't have to deal with the scourge of "Restless leg syndrome"?? Pills to keep us awake, Pills to make us sleepy, Pills to keep us happy, -------I think I will go lay down and take one of those Lil blue pills, not sure what they are for, but hey---I'm feeling like an adventure.


  1. I think they will soon come up with the newest disease that you seem to have...."restless blog syndrome"
    Alas TV today is nothing like it was years ago when you could follow a show even if you missed an episode. As you said, like a mini movie each show.
    I will never watch Desperate Housewives...from the name alone it's a turn off for me. Then there is that new one, "Swingtown" that's just BAD. Maybe cause I'm gettin older, but I think that show is just in very POOR TASTE. I don't remember it being like THAT in the 70's! I have been so busy lately that I have'nt had much time for TV watching....I even missed my favorite show, Survivor, this week! But I'm lucky to have cable and can watch it on the "On Demand" channel. Have a nice Sunday Gary...I'm off to clean the kitchen and then do my "fluff n fold" for the week!

  2. Gary you really need to record. That way you don't have to watch the commercials and there is always something on T.V. when you want something to watch.

  3. You are on the right path with Netflix. I have watched the entire seasons that are out on DVD for THE SOPRANOS, 24, RESCUE ME, THE SHIELD, and while I'm awaiting the episodes not out yet, I'm starting THE WIRE. Of course that probably tells more about me than people should know. My spouse watches the History channel, Discovery channel, World Poker Tour, etc. and rolls his eyes at my choices. Reality shows are the ultimate bad shows of all time.

    One thing I can do on Saturday night is sort all my pills for the week..........


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