Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Blame This On Ettarose---and Dana's challenge

To understand the challenge you need to go here and here, to see how things are done, what follows is my attempt at meeting the challenge.

The phone rings, interrupting my irregularly Periodic Ruminations, checking caller ID, I answer, "Hello Birdy, how was your trip?

"you can't Imagine how exciting it was. You do know my philosYphia about travel, just go when the mood strikes. I am sure you were telling others---"fools rush in", but everything went marvously, well we did get lost in the bozone, using the information from Sadiessay-so for a time.

I hope you will be home this evening, I have brought you two lil gifts from my trip, oh nothing elaborate, one is a fake plastic fish, and the other is some Art Glehen, which you have admired in the past.

That my friend had brought me gifts---"well that tears it" I mentally decided, listening to my friend continue to gab on and on, in his own mind the last american thinker. I had long before resigned myself to his long winded speeches, giving me his views of the world according to Oatney.

I finally ended the call, and smiled content with the view of the world outside my window.


  1. Bravo Gary ! It was necessary to think of it. you are really a man full of resources !

  2. Bravo Gary! That's using the old noodle..

  3. Great piece. I like the way you worked it together. More blogs to read...

  4. Isn't that a fun thing to do? But it IS a lot of work and I"m putting it off as long as I can.

    heehee Glad you surrendered to my push!


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