Monday, October 13, 2008

Monday Monday

Man I loved the Mamma's N Pappa's vocal group-----. I was kinda between jobs when "Monday Monday was blasting the airwaves, recall I spend a goodly number of nights dallying at one of my local haunts, nursing one beer for a couple hours, and listening to that song, and kinda feeling sorry for myself---but then lucky guy that I am, I found a job and had to rejoin the human rat race----but that's a whole different story and is ancient history now. Today, this MONDAY, still smarting from the Plumbing bill, followed by the rotten time at my local supermarket, we (the LP and I that is), dared spit into the face of destiny and scheduled our annual furnace inspection. I am pleased to report we passed with no trouble----the guy even complimented us on how clean our furnace filter was (damn thing should be, I take it out and hose it clean every month)----anyway, as the sun slowly sinks in the west , as it is prone to do---and as the temperature outside falls below 75 degrees, the LP and I smile as the old furnace kicks on and warm air blows from the vents-----life is good.


  1. When Monday rolls around for me it's like turning the calendar over to a new month. There is something about Monday that is just refreshing and new.

    Gary ... how do you pronounce Matilija?


  2. its pronounced "mat-till-la-ha" (no emphasis on any of the syllables.

  3. I remember fondly the song "Monday, Monday" too...but I was still a teen and I remember cutting school with my then boyfriend (soon to be husband) and driving around out in the country listing to that song. Of course I got caught and got a nice punishment for doing step dad made me apologize to my principal and each of my teachers for wasting their time! (and was also grounded for a month!) At the time I thought it was a horrible thing to make me do...but now I know it was the right thing to do. I actually used the same thing on my son when he cut school! lol
    Way to go Gary on the furnace inspection! You actually clean it once a month? ya do housecalls? lol

  4. I'm so glad your luck seems to be turning around, starting with a clean bill on your furnace. Monday,Monday is a song that is sung around here every Monday. Of course the younger kids think we are nuts, but hey!

  5. Hmm....I think I should do the same now that I think about it.

    Once a month?!?!?! Is it really necessary?

  6. I was just listening to Mama's and Papa's this morning on the way to work. Young girls are coming to the canyon was playing and it made me think how nice it would be to sit on the grass with flowers in my hair...

  7. You turn on the heat when the outside temp drops below 75'F? You'd never make it in Maine. 75'F is not even T shirts and shorts weather here. That's shorts and no T weather.

    Of course if it stays above 80'F for too long, we Mainers tend to start a slow melt. Pull out the fans and go swimming at the lake at night.


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