Sunday, October 26, 2008

"LIGHTS CAMERA ACTION"---(cue the sunrise)

I'm sitting here working on my first cup of coffee, going through my list of blogs that I follow, and dropping this or that comment on the new postings, and of course checking to see if anybody had bothered to drop any comments on my "stuff".

I did receive a a few comments, and one from a "new" reader, and of course I linked back to his blog and dropped a thank you comment ( kinda the bloggers equivalent of truck drivers blinking their light to tell ya its okay to swing back in the right lane after ya passed them), and then decided , after reading his latest inputs, to add his blog to my blog role. I have this penchant of collecting blogs that come up with off the wall postings, and this particular blog promises to be a good one in that regard---it made THIS old dude chuckle, and so its good enough for me. If ya wanna give it a shot, check my "Blog Role---hold he mayo" list on my side bar, and click on "irregularly periodic ruminations".

Completing my review of my friends and family blogs, making comments as required, then going though my blog role of other blogs I follow, again making comments as the mood strikes. I have now rewarded myself with a second cup of coffee, and got out of my "jammies" and put on the costume of the day. (your basic levis, t-shirt, wht socks and sneakers kinda guy here).

OKAY!!!, LETS GET THIS DAY ROLLING, ---"LIGHTS, CAMERA---ACTION"!! (OH CRAP----FORGOT MY LINES----"CUT"!! (sorry boss, I'll get it right next time---ahh maybe you can tell me what my motivation is for this scene----and any chance I can get another cup of java?)


  1. You have such a way with make the ordinary...extraordinary. I hope you have a wonderful day. Mine has been beautiful.

  2. I completely agree with you Bonnie. Gary knows how to play with the words, how to tell the ordinary in such way that it becomes extra-ordinary. Maybe he - the Old Dude who chuckle - would have been a writer in another life ?

  3. You can stop by for a cuppa any time. many thanks for the nod!


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