Monday, October 20, 2008


Obama came down off the mountain, and caught without a teleprompter and with cameras rolling explained how it is his mission as president to tax the rich and give to the poor, or in his words ---"Spread it around".-------so if you are making or ever hope to make $200,000 a year, ( $250,000 per married couple, or small business) be prepared to see your taxes go up significantly so that Barrack and his people (His people being the leftist progressives that control the once great Democratic party), will have lots of money to feed to the non-working , so they too can enjoy the good life.

Its Mr. Obama's belief that if money taken from the rich (see above), and given to the poor, the poor will then become customers of the rich who will make even more money and of course pay even more in taxes and life will be good for all.

After all look at how much we all enjoy working our tails off , paying our taxes while watching those ahead of us in the checkout stand are using government hand out food stamps, and driving off in their Cadillacs---makes my heart warm seeing how charitable our government is with my tax dollars.----


  1. This doesn't sound to good to me.

  2. My thoughts exactly!!! Makes my blood BOIL!!!

  3. You left out the fact that they are wearing $300-$400 shoes, jackets, hats and bling. But we know they are poor because they can't afford belts!

  4. Yup lets keep giving tax breaks to hedge fund managers who are largely responsible for the repackaging of subprime loans into dangerous debts.

    Let elect McCain and his buddy Gramm from UBS that made the whole mess happen with false regulation and deregulation.

    Yeah, let's follow the 3rd world style economic and social policies of this iteration of "Republican" madness.


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