Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Hi guys---its me , "old dude", woke up this morning and decided I had to break out of my rut. It was time I kinda rearranged the furniture of my life---get new perspectives on things. Then it occurred to be I need be somewhat careful, and not burn any bridges behind me---that thinking kinda made me nervous----so I slipped back into my regular morning drill---went to the weekday meeting of the SOCADS group.---downed acouple de-caffe's, exchanged views on a number of world topics, the sharp turn to the left by the USA, and how high will taxes go up?, Will and Obama presidency result in a cutback in the social security benifits we are getting now? and other such issues.

I remembered we were out of dish soap and picked up a new bottle of same, along with a 12 pack of O'Douls. and allowing for the standard $8 it will cost to do the fluff and fold thursday (tomorrow), that will leave me something in excess of $10 bucks of my allowance left over as the week ends. (thats PHEENOMENAL!!)

The LP awoke around 10am, and I got him settled in the Den with his morning cup of coffee----followed about an hour later with his Carnation Instant Breakfast (today it was strawberry flavored, which he likes and so he is in a decent mood). and I have dutifully read all my family and friends blogs and commented on their new posts as needed. I have checked my own blog page and made note of the comments I had received since yesterday---didn't take me long to read both of them.

Now I'm bored again and once again I remind myself that today I was gonna break out of my rut, do things different-----this time, with my stomach only partially nauseous, I changed my blog template----which of course YOU are aware, the question is? what do ya think? Is it me? is it to die for?---or is it kinda dumb, and maybe I should just go back to the old one, the tried and true original blog Template? Let me know guys and girls


  1. Gary
    I really like this new look.
    I am afraid to try any change to my template in case I can't get the old one (which I still like)back.
    You are much braver than me.

    Bear((( )))

  2. Great look, dude. Sorry you only had 2 comments yesterday...I try to stay out of the politics. When breaking out of one's rut, you need to take "baby steps". Don't try it all at once. You'll be fine....we'll all be here to catch you when you stumble.

  3. Looks good to me Gary! Sorry I haven't been commenting lately, just gotten real tired of all the political crap...and that's what it is at this point..crap. All the poles say something different, one has O up by 11 points..another says they are neck in neck...I hate these polls. I feel they sway people when they shouldn' know.. "I'll vote for the guy that's ahead" kind of thinking. Just wanted you to know I'm still here and still reading you daily. Hugs

  4. Of course we know you are here Gary. Don't be afraid, surely your friends bloggers will comment your post today.
    For myself I like the new template, I like to see changes on the blogs, I like to see the blogs "living".
    I like to change my own templates. I've already changed 3 or 4 times and it's not finish !

  5. Love your new look ... and isn't great to have money left over at the end of the week???

  6. "YOU LIKE ME---YOU REALLY LIKE ME!!" Sally Fields accepting her Oscar at the Academy Awards.----(now I know how she felt (lol))

  7. I think it brightens things up a bit. A little deco-changing is good for the soul I think.

    Now, if only I can figure out how to have money left over at the end of the week. Whatcha gonna do with that extra cash?

  8. what I always do---hold it up to the full moon and PRAY!!

  9. I don't like to comment on the political posts either. That doesn't mean I am not reading them.


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