Saturday, October 4, 2008

Its Saturday----anybody here??

Once again its saturday and a person could swing a cat around here and hot hit a soul. All those fun bloggers that are busy all week posting and commenting, on weekends, go home and deal with their real lives. Makes one wonder just how efficient many of our workplaces really are---but I digress.
Its been an interesting week. The democratic controlled congress managed to "spend" another 700 billion dollars, to buy up "garbage" loans, under the presumption that at some later date the houses will be worth more and they can unload them back on the open market and make a profit-----yeahhhhh rightttttt!!! Further this new legislation allows the government to determine what interest rate is to be charged on a loan, and if necessary can also adjust the principle amount thats owed----wonder if one has to be a leftist democrat to stand a chance of having ones loan favorably adjusted? In any case this bailout of wallstreet, added $15,000 debt to every man women and child in America. Not to worry, the Government will sell another 700 billion dollars worth of bonds to Foreign countries, and keep on spending----someday the foreign countries might just sit down and talk to each other and find out they "own" more of us that we do. ---heres a thought?---what if they decide we are a poor risk, and stop buying our bonds----oh no, ya mean we would have to stop giving away money??


  1. Yep, the weekends are pretty quiet in blog world even for old retired folks like us. We did go to a fish fry this evening and managed to waddle back into our house with full bellies. Does that give us excused absences?

    What are all of us going to do after the election?

  2. It is a quiet Saturday. I was thinking of you this morning while making breakfast for Bill and Trevor. You know - eggs, hashbrowns and bacon, with the eggs fried in the bacon grease with the edges of the eggs crispy. YUM!! I watched a "end of the earth" movie today and was just riveted, at the present time, another riveting movie where tornado's are about to take out New York City. Watched On the Waterfront with Brando last night, I couldn't get into so I went to bed but Bill persevered and watched the whole thing. I can't wait to see what tomorrow brings. Love, Mel

  3. I am not sure the bailout was the right thing but something had to be done. I think the wrong doers will get theirs in the end. I have nothing to worry about.


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