Sunday, June 15, 2008

Friends of friends---and things that go bump in the night

(here is a pic of Midge taken at a recent gathering of he SOCDS -----)
Having mentioned my experience with self checkout---I received a couple comments about others experiences , likes and dislikes about supermarkets. I would be amiss if I didn't confess that one of my regular coffee mates at the SOCDS meetings, is Midge LeBelle. Midge was a career supermarket checker---and the stories SHE could tell---about the coupon queens, those trying to beat the food stamp program etc, etc, etc. Trust me, looking at things from the Checker's side of the counter explains a lot--------oooh by the way Midge LeBelle is her MARRIED name---her husband is ----Gene LeBelle----"THE GENE LEBELLE". popularly known as "Judo Gene", ----also billed as "The toughest Man in the WORLD". (google the name Gene Lebelle and get all the facts)---anyway I mention all this as I will be having coffee with Midge in the morning and getting an update how things went in Las Vegas, where Gene had been flown in to judge a "no holds barred" wrestling/boxing match----------the Man is the man, a great guy to meet---but you don't want to make him mad at ya---hell just ask Steven Segal-----(I can't TELL you that story----but ask any stunt men in the industry---they KNOW"


  1. I know if I was a checker I'd be a raving maniac after about a day.

  2. So many times I see the checkers rolling their eyes at the people ahead of us in line ... just imagine what is really on their minds.

  3. I think it takes a special kind of person to be a GOOD checker in a supermarket! By a good checker, I mean one that says, "Have a nice day, come back again" and really means it, someone that truly enjoys the job. As with all jobs I'm sure it has it's pros and cons.


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