Thursday, May 1, 2008

May Day--Mayday!!!!

Today my daily new Van Gogh gadjet died---so much for my Page's "Culture" image. (aw shucks!---gall darn it!!). On the good side of things, balanced my checkbook, ----dared to look downstream (aka planning ahead)---and held a discussion with the LP----and we have come to a general aggeement that its time to upgrade from analog to digital TV-----(yaaaaaaaaaa!). This will not happen real fast, first us old dudes need to get eddicated on the ins and outs of digital TV---plasma, or LCD---27 inch, 32 inch or bigger?? 720psi, or 1080??-----its gonna be a long summer(sigh). any advice on the above will be much appreciated. Also, glad to report that in the not to distant future---lets say maybe mid-next week, hopefully will be able to add some new pics to the old blog page----which should make you younguns smile, knowing how none of ya can write, and only work with pictures----(if their isn't an explosion or car chase sequence everry thirty seconds it must be a chick flick right?) (not that there is anything wrong with Chick flicks----have to admit kinda enjoyed "Sleepless in Seattle", being the last of the Jimmy Durante fans that I am.)

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