Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Somethings Up

So I'm down at the SOCDS meeting this morning , exchanging wise and solemn comments on the various aspects of the world and local situations---when it occurs to me, that the LP hadn't given me his weekly shopping list, which is ALWAYS does for Tuesday shopping. My first thought was total panic---I must have failed to pick it up from the table, but no, I had looked at the table, picked up my keys there was no list THERE------why no list?? what has he got planned for us to eat for dinner (I have to explain how things go here---I cook meals three nights a week, and do the weekly laundry on Thursday's. the LP does the meals four nights a week, specifically for Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Sundays---this IS Tuesday, its HIS Day, ---no shopping list??----not good---WE'RE GONNA STARVE!! I will have to ask him just what he has in mind for dinner tonight----when I pour his breakfast coffee in an hour------2:27PM----its been a TUESDAY-----First off, in regard to the missing grocery list------I'm embarrassed to admit this, but----turns out there was a list---Jerry convinced me I actually had torn it off th tablet, folded it up and he assumed had taken it to the bedroom to put in my wallet----after much thought I had to vague remember I really had done that-----except the list wasn't in my wallet this morning---after much searching, I found the list, ---I had tossed it into the waste paper basket---don't ask me why, I know my rights and I don't have to answer "why" questions.----Anyway having NOW found the list, I make a run to the store----dutifully finding each and every item on the list---the cream of asparagus soup, the thin sliced skinless chicken breast meat, the cook-in-the-bag/seasoning packet (McComick Seasonings), Anderson's Split Pea W/ham Soup, Corn Beef Hash, Pillsbury Crescent rolls-----and off to the checkout stand----and to my HORROR I can't find Jerry's Visa Debit Card!!!-------I had last used it to make his deposit at his bank yesterday morning-----the light comes on---I had failed to hit the return card button after getting my deposit receipt. Okay , call to the bank,nobody had turned in the card, new car has to be ordered, will be about a week----no activity on the account since the deposit---panic over.---EXCEPT NOW Jerry owes me for the groceries I ended up paying for with MY card.

Then after Jerry finally finished lecturing me on how one makes deposits at the ATM machine and gets ones card back before leaving-----and the groceries were put away---the doorbell rings and its the UPS dude, The camera that Pete N Judi sent me to play with had arrived. (Yaaaaaay!!) So have dutifully read the manual, and have learned how to use the camera in a basic way, and have learned how to take the pics from the camera and put then into my computer---- so you will be seeing pics soon guys---not exactly sure just what of ----got to practice a Lil bit first.


  1. Hey Gary ... maybe he has plans to take you both out for a fabulous dinner together!

  2. LP had better get with it. Yeh!! Maybe he does plan to take you out to dinner??? Not!! Keep us posted.

  3. How do you get the little envelope on your blog so you can E-mail it to someone else???


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