Thursday, May 15, 2008

A Fluff N Fold moment----

It being thursday , I grow consciouse of my inviroment being the rows of washers and walls of dryers, ergo I must be doing laundry on auto-pilot again. Like the sun comes up in the East, and Sets in the West like clockwork, and Thursday mornings are devoted to obtaining of the subtle pleasures of completing a successful series of wash cycles, and transitions to the dryers---ultimately leading to a veritable orgy of fluffing and folding (Life is good---hey if ya really believe that clap your hands and I got his bridge ya might be interested on that I can make ya a terrific deal on--). Anyhooo, there I was lost in my own lil world of tri-folding my jockeys, when out of the corner of my eye I became aware of a younger women (lets face it at the laundramat, they are ALL younger than this dude, but again I drift from my point---which was???---give me a moment here---hmmm, OOOH YEAHH now I remember)---this women is kinda watching me fold my undies, and oh my damn if she didn't walk up to me, give a tentative smile, and remark, "I must say you really know how to fold clothes---" I was of course pleased to hear the compliment but at the same time the way she looked at me when giving it to me----what I heard was , her saying I was a good fluff n folder----FOR A MAN!! Now kinda made me a bit tight around the jaws, she hadn't actually said it, but we both kinda knew what she meant. So I figure I had acouple options, one, just grin and give her the old lil boy "aw shucks mame-- it aint nothing" bit---and let her sashshay back to HER folding station---OR , ignore my common sense and get in the last word-----you can't let a women ever top ya------(I can't believe I just said that??)----so boldly going where no man ever should---I gave her a friendly smile, "Well thanks mame----My Drill Sgt would be proud of me , you complimenting me like that. Perhaps If ya don't mind, I'll be glad to Teach ya how to do it right?"------well she didn't slap my face at least----but I doubt she darken MY laundramat again. (so today the score is "OLD DUDE" 1---"The World 0--------its gonna be an exciting game today people).

Some time later I am in the pickup, heading back to the Palace Matilija, and glance over an a renovation of a strip mall , and read the freshly lettered new business sign of the concern that would be working there----I damn near drove off the road reading it----unbelievable---the sign bold as brass proudly claims it business title---"DISCOUNT CAREGIVING"!!!!! There are businesses specializing on giving care on the cheap??---what?? maybe buy wheelchairs by the gross get a discount-----I'm sorry but in that I AM a caregiver, I somehow don't much care for that business title----implies a negative attitude-----. Hey don't misunderstand me, health care IS expensive and yes like most people I am looking to get the best as inexpensively as possible---but to advertise so blatantly ---care giving discounted??---rubs me wrong---sorry that's the way I "roll". Like should I ever visit this establishment, will have to do so with my sun glasses on, and hope nobody recognizes me----"pssst, hey buddy, looking to score some beta-blockers?, I'll make ya a great deal on some Atenenol tabs, fresh off the boat man, the good stuff from Canada---" Only in America can there be a black market in Legal pharmaceuticals??


  1. Hello,
    I found your blog via Missy's blog.
    Have to tell you I really enjoyed your humorus outlook on life and laundrymats! I will be back often ...I too need my "fix" this case some laughter. Thanx

  2. I so much enjoy your tales from the Fluff & Fold, but this one takes the cake.....Hitting on women!

    You are too funny!

  3. LOL ... you had me laughing out loud with your high jinks at the Fluff & Fold.

  4. "An orgy of fluffing and folding." Great line. I trust you were protected from catching the dreaded STD, "LINT". Ha ha.

    Nice Blog

  5. I found your blog via Bloggingtips and I'm glad that I did not just take a mouth full of coffee. Too funny. I love your outlook.

  6. Hi ThreeScore,
    So enjoy your blog and also your fluff and fold,every day that I do laundry I always think of you and your f&f
    the railroad tie was very neat we have a few of those around here.


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