Saturday, May 10, 2008

He Reads---He Clicks and---and YES HE SCORES

I recall a bit of the Peanuts comic Strip, when back in college. In it Linus and charlie brown are leaning on the fence , and Linus remarks, "Sometimes ya win and sometimes ya lose", to which Charlie Brown, our much put upon hero, replies, "Gosh, that would be neat!" Well today dear readers, this old dude successfully added just another Lil piece of knowledge to his collection of data, and diminished that huge black hole of "I don't that" by just a smidgen and so at this moment I am sitting here, sipping my coffee and allowing myself a earned mental victory lap---(yaaaaaa, and the crowd goes nuts). What the hell am I babbling about you ask?? well if you haven't already noticed, if you look in the lower right hand corner of the page your reading you will see a Lil upward pointing arrow---click on it and it automatically takes you to the top of the page---like hows THAT for convenience?? (am I good to you or what?)

Well enough basking in self satisfaction, back to reading the blogging tutorials----there is so much I don't know about blogging-------yet.


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