Wednesday, May 21, 2008

so its a bit later in the day (talking Wednesday 05/21)---I took a nap, something I find myself doing more and more ---they are addictive ya know?---came back here to my blog page, caught up on the comments---thanks Judi, Wendy and Dana-----have you three met before?? you all three kinda have a lot in common, you really should investigate each others blog. Then the though occurs to me that all of you are either on my spunky thinkers list or under my good people list------and I gotta wonder, how is it I am so into scrapbookers and hand made greeting carders-----would my mother approve?-----Probably, if memory serves she liked everyone.

Not sure whats on TV tonight, TV being just that TV---if your not in the target 14-39yo's, they don't care ---and they are right, I'm not and I don't. I'm in an awkward age---71---to old to have the teeth for a good steak, and yet not old enough to enjoy pablum---screw TV.

As you may have read on a previous post "Answer the Meme", I am not much for paying the outrageous theater pricing for movies, and instead rent them from NetFlix, and watch them with my shoes off and my own Orville Reddingbacher munchies---and the old dudes law is: the more they hype it at the time it first approaches theater release, the worse the film really is.

OH, before I forget---Rose was kind enough to inform me that the word "meme" is not Canadian, SHE claims its a made up word that blogger use to describe questions sent to other bloggers and ---darn, kinda think she is baffle gabbing the old dude---anybody else wanna talk on the word "meme"?

I read someplace that Shakespeare once said there were in reality only seven basic plots to write about, everything else was a bastardization of a mix of the basic seven.---but can't say I have ever really sat down and tried to figure out the basic seven plot. Like we got the girl meets boy, yada, yada plot,--- then we have good old "Us " vs "Them" (the entire Sci-fi genre), but what about the other basic plot lines??

Moving right along, still as you can see trying to hit on something to blog in detail on, preferable something light and not TO controversial---nothing as racy as the on going tabloid adventures of Babbette and Chico (if you like me , I am addicted following that plot line (check out "Life is good, under "spunky thinkers" dear readers)----I guess not gonna have anything monumental to say today---but hey thanks for tuning in.


  1. Thanks for enjoying my blog. I enjoy yours too and, NO, this is not a compliment whiplash just because you liked MY blog.

    Keep up with the input and, by the way, CHICO is a CAD. A CAD I say!!!

  2. I don't even have cable. FYI ( That means for your information) I'm telling you I'm not making the word Meme up. lol

  3. I am so excited that today is Thursday. Can't wait to hear what trouble you get in at the F & FMANTHA

  4. Personally, I feel we are all scrapbookers at heart in some way or another. Just think ... blogging is a form of scrapbooking ... don't ya think??


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