Saturday, May 3, 2008

Another Saturday

When one is retired---or unemployed---all the days of the week are pretty much alike. Each has 24hours in it----now what does one do ??---didn't we do THAT yesterday? What do YOU wanna do Alphie??----I am on my third cup of coffee here folks---and looking at my day planner here ---its a blank page so far. Yes I know the time is for anything I care to do---this being my golden years----but looking at my check book----need to scratch off about 2-3000 things from the list of possibilities (sigh). Read a book, (gawd knows I've done that already), go to a movie (not at those prices---can rent it from Netflix for a third of the cost), take a drive and try to think about gas costing $3.85/gal here in Sherman Oaks.-----maybe go into one of the many chat rooms , gripe about there being to many kids in the room and starting a riot----nah, that's to easy. Actually what I really must do today is go grocery shopping---so with THAT being the highlight of my day, will spend a few hours on planning meals for the week, and composing my shopping list----and visiting on line with the Short-cuts site and add coupons to my account, and then the store will automatically apply them to my bill when I go to pay for those particular items-----and of course one must ALWAYS be on the lookout for that rare sighting of Cauliflower w/Cheese sauce------

---Three hours later----never got around to doing the shopping list, got distracted with my email, midge sent me a number of impressive pics taken at the space station and I am thinking about doing a slide show thing for this page-----have decided that I can go to the store tomorrow, I forgot I still got the fixin's for the dreaded macaroni and cheese dinner (heh, heh, heh). I also got into reading a new book from the Library, titled "Germ". (when the movie comes out it most definitely will not be a "Chick flick"), the author is Robert Liparulo.---I also got to looking at my blog settings and revised them, so guess now when ya click on my page you get this "WARNING WARNING, SITE MAY CONTAIN ADULT STUFF" or words to that affect and you get the choice of continuing or not-----and I figure since I am 3 score plus 10---plus---its okay if I lapse into anglo saxon from time to time and not have to say pardon my language all the time---what the HELL right??----well guess I will go back out on the patio and read some more of "Germ"-----oooh for your information Judi---yes we will be eating the damn broccoli with the macaroni and cheese tonight-----(ha ha)----

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  1. LOL ... when I clicked on the link on my blog to visit your blog I was wondering why I got the adult content warning ... I went back and did it again to be sure I was actually seeing what I was seeing.

    I hope you have a FANTASTIC day!!


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