Thursday, May 22, 2008


Gosh darn it, l let a few lightning bolts and loud reverbs of thunder make me back off---but now I am back---the storm appear to be abating, the palace on matilija has once again survived---Judi has commented on my blogging posting her views from Shogun Mtn---(I think she approves?). She indicates she, (at least for one) approves of my new layout of my blog--- I wait with baited breath for the rest of the "Old Dudes Regulars" to advise THEY'RE opinions----(remember we are all adults---no hitting)

Tonight (Thursday 05/22), on television we get to watch the season ending shows of the soaps, "Ugly Betty" and, "Grey's Anatomy". I only mention it for those that don't have access yet to "Netflix" or "Block Buster" on line movies---and are reduced to watching cable---(gawd, they actually PAY for cable---and I thought I was masochistic??)

Working on a new Meme (and yes Rose, I am going to use the word Meme to describe it, --and will continue to direct there questions to YOU to explain the word---I am to old to argue its meaning or origin) (You can reach rose at HER blog page, "World Outside My Window", by simply clicking on the link listed under my "spunky thinkers" list on my sidebar). I hope to have it out in the next day or two,and unlike some wimps I WILL tag---.

I think I will go lay down now, let my meds kick in---I am not normally an aggressive sort, ---but not a pushover either----but now I ramble----love you guys-------really.


  1. Really teach, I'd of had that Meme done sooner but my dog ate the computer. I hate it when that happens. My lawn mower does not handle half digested hard drives very well. Dings the blade.

    Meme is done. I will now consider who to tag. That may be the more difficult task.

    BTW - up our way, many of the French based folk use "Meme" for Grandma. I am not sure it's spelled this way, but Meme looks like it might just describe the sound.

  2. We watched the DVR'd season finales of Criminal Minds and Boston Legal last night. I love the fact we can watch our favorite shows and fast forward through the commercials.

    Meme is also what some of Griffin's little friends call me ... actually it's MiMi, but it probably still sounds the same. Being 2-4 years old, some of them have a little difficulty with the "s" sound ... so Griffin's Mom to them is MiMi or Miss MiMi.

  3. Thanks for adding me to your spunky thinkers! And I love Grey's Anatomy.

  4. I like the new theme. I thought I was at the wrong blog at first. lol


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