Friday, May 30, 2008

Inquiring Minds inquired---sooooo---

On earlier blogs I have given you close ups of the art of Matilija, but not really backed off and shown the rooms per Se---here we have the Dining room, One view is taken from the main entrance way, the other the exact opposite view. Please note the walls---the LP wanted to achieve the effect of say a dining room in a old Spanish castle, albeit one updated with modern conveniences like electricity---so with seven different colors, a plethora of different size sponges he painted the walls to achieve the old room look. Note if ya look close he has even painted in the grime of centuries in the corners, ---the cracks etc---Is it any wonder that the LP was the top floral designer at Jacob Maarsh Floral in Pasadena for some 15 years?? He did many of the floral arrangements shown on the West Coast Barbara Walter's specials, not to mention floral arrangements for a number of movies--such as "War of the Roses" with Michael Douglas (pay attention in the movie to the center piece of the entrance hall of the Roses home.) Not obvious in the pics is the ceiling recessed flood lights (with dimmer switch of course) that is centered over the table, and also directed to highlight the paintings on the wall------. The LP has not only got good taste, he expects it from everyone around him-----(and me such a "trailer parker")


  1. PLEASE SEND LP TO MY HOUSE. I have needed to paint the living room for a year, but I keep having to have surgeries and can't do it!!

    I've got the paint, and I was wanting to do a faux Italian spackle type of job, but I'll settle for his rag/sponge/stipple effect any day!!!!



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