Wednesday, May 21, 2008

What Do YOU Want To Do Alphy?

Its Wednesday, its noon---and I am bored. I could grab my current book and go out on the patio and read, but did that yesterday, and the day before, and most likely will tomorrow. I could go out and do some yard work, but then that's what I pay the gardners to do. I could, I suppose, plan some wild outta the blue meal for tomorrow night, and go to the store for all the necessary ingredients---yeahh that's gonna happen---righttt. Actually I am a good cook, like hello, if it fits in the toaster I can cook it. (sorry that old joke is a steal from a line under one of the many Maxine cartoons). Actually what I am doing here is stalling waiting for the flash of light to tell me what to blog about today---I don't think the world is ready for yet another "Art of Matilija" blog---quite yet.----so be patient with the old dude here----be werry quiet, I'm hunting wabbits (and doing bad Elmer Fudd imitations)---more later ---we hope.


  1. OK you ol' codger, you got me hooked on your blog. Your day is like my day. Get up (if you're lucky) move into the other room, use the bathroom a few times (if you're lucky) Have something to eat, something to read, watch a little TV, go to bed, *REPEAT*

    What you need to do is give me a little script/scenario concerning Chico and Baabette. Give me a little something to put in the story. A little story line to get them going. Right now, I'm kind of stuck in neutral.

    If I use your story line, I will send you a couple of handmade and hand painted greeting cards for you to send to your friends (if you have any) or hang on the wall. Yes, they are THAT pretty.


  2. Hey!? for handmade and handpainted greeting cards---I can get creatively excited. I'm flashing along the lines of a plot where, the tow of them are having an innocent session of comraderie at the local ice cream parlor---but then get caught up in a store robbery gone bad, and are hostages to the thieves----I havn't quite figured out the rest of it yet.

  3. Your blog always bring a laugh. Should I give you another meme? Why don't you ask your readers for questions and answer those. I bet you have an opinion on lots.

  4. You need to take more pictures. Pictures seem to inspire a lot of my Blog pages. How about pictures of the neighborhood. You would be surprised about how inspiring pictures can be.


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