Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I'm Old, so I remember----

back in the good old happy days (remember the fonz?)----theaters that sold tickets for movies were in a major fight to survive with something called television---they're commercials were NO on pay TV-----------well seems they have lost. NOW CABLE , (them Premium channels?) , dominate the TV award shows. Over 50 percent of TV watchers now have cable, which of course they PAY for----the other 49 percent or less of us, we get the "Networks" and Public Television offerings--complete with commercials The Networks you ask?? talking about ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, the WB . The world is divided now into those who are willing to pay versus those that just take what is offered for free. Least that's how it appears. "Free TV is for ---the "little people", the poor, the trailer- parkers, those maybe on fixed income like myself. We don't get the hot programs, like sex in the city, or the sopranos, ---we will ultimately as re runs, a few more years in the future most likely.

Next February, they stop broadcasting in analog and it becomes a total digital world. Those that haven't rushed out and bought high priced digital compatible TV sets, or already paying monthly fees to watch TV (aka cable or Satellite)---we have to line up to get converter boxes. Well Yeah , ain't totally stupid here, I have lined up, and submitted my request for coupons to buy the required converter boxes. I sure as hell ain't able to afford the better part of $1,000 bucks for a new TV---(considering what the current offering program wise for TV is). What I notice is , the coupons are good for $4o bucks---but the price of converter boxes is $60 bucks. (hope ya all bought stock in the converter box makers)

Am I unhappy about this situation?---you betcha. Its just one more nail that separates the masses. Those that got money and those of us that lived our lives and paid our dues , and are doing our best to pay our way----our rewards is the current broadcast system which offers us old movies no longer running in theaters, at even then about 33% of the movie is cut out to make it fit the time slot, and then further emasculated with insertion of commercials every five minutes , or original programing which is at best a cheap (most often poorly edited) . If not movies we are given "Reality" programing---that's put a bunch of people in a room, or on an island and give them some directions to why they are there, and then back off and film the result----Stars anybody that loves being a camera hog----(and you STILL get the commercials every five minutes). The networks save a mint on not having to hire writers, or pay out salaries to professional actors, (its not like they had to have talent or anything). I'm sorry, unless your willing to pay the price for the premium cable broadcasts, your stuck with poor writing, "reality TV (no writing required at all), chopped down movies complete with lots of redundant commercials ---or ---there is always Netflix, or Block Buster---(so okay as seniors on fixed income ya gotta give up a couple meals, least ya have SOME entertainment.) I gotta go lay down now----let my meds kick in----


  1. Just get a new TV. As soon as you get the box the TV will break down and you will have to buy a new one anyways.

  2. I hear ya. I remember B&W TV on screens so small you had to sit 2 feet away to see anything. But we couldn't because Mom had been warned that some kind of invisible rays would do us harm. Turn us into vegetables. Seems they were right.

    We have Cable. I am not impressed either.

    Thanks for swinging by my blog. Your link is much appreciated. I will now link yours if it is okay.

  3. I grew up with cable, but the provider in my small down only offered 13 channels when I was little, then it slowly grew to about 30, then on and on. I am forever in debt to my parents that we never had MTV. Don't know why I have such strong feelings against that channel, but I don't like it, especially for kids.
    I see nothing wrong with having just the networks.
    Keep up the good work Gary. Thanks for visiting my site!

  4. thad had 13 channels? thad is a child. Remember THREE channels? And no remote? Remember "snow"? And not the kind at Christmas.

    And when you went to the "movies" in town it was a big deal and mom wore a dress and white gloves and there were ASHTRAYS connected to the seats. I remember looking at the streams of smoke rising to the ceiling.

    And we always had NEWSREELS and three cartoons. (the kind of cartoons you could understand and that were actually FUNNY) The only classical music I had contact with were from the Bugs Bunny cartoons.

    old age........your fangs are sharp.

  5. Dana, don't worry, you're in the prime of your life. I'm only 31, but I do remember snow and no remotes; but glad we always had more than 3 channels. I never liked my grandmothers party line though. Did you have one of those?


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