Friday, May 30, 2008

Tomorrow---Tomorrow---(you all DID see Annie right?)

Tomorrow, the old dude ventures outside Valley Glen---to drive to the Laid back, quiet Village of Redlands, California. This quiet but interesting township, is where my Niece Melanie and her husband Bill reside.. The occasion is a surprise birthday bash for said Husband---(my family, bless them all, is really BIG on surprise parties---actually to be honest, they just fucking love parties, and will go or create them on the most flimsy of excuses.)---On any given gathering of the clan, on whatever excuse is offered, be it birthday, purchase of a new VCR, a milestone in education, aka 9Th grade to high school for example, -------and adoption of a new puppy, or kitten, , purchase of a new (or newer) vehicle---hey party time. My family lives from one Kodak moment to the next---and being as big a family as we are---its now an on going riot.

But I drift---tomorrow I will drive out to Redlands to make an appearance at Bill's surprised birthday bash. This will entail a 150 mile round trip, I will take a 12 pack of beer (the adults in the family no longer exchange gifts, ---its appear or be dead.) Why do I do this??---well damn I got this dumb reputation of being there------it comes from being the current living senior of the family---almost like gives the party throwers bragging rights ----"Uncle Gary was at MY party" kinda thing. Pressure, always pressure---not easy being old---not wanting to show favoritism's.

Actually will HAVE a good time, assuming I survive the southern California freeway system---my generation still calls the various freeways by name, while the younger use numbers, ---makes for inter=generational dis-connects, and confusion.

But HEY, 71 and counting here---somebody has to lord it over the kids---I worry about them and they're lack of experience?


  1. Haha i loved that blog. We do find just about any occasion to party but... I love that I come from a Family that actually enjoy eachothers company (Most of the time)and we always have love in our family. I'll see you tomorrow Uncle Gary!

  2. Hey Gary..
    Got your message via Missy's Blog (actually she emailed it to me) I wish I had time to blog more often. For awhile it was because my life is sooooooo boring..nothing to blog about. But right now I'm busy, busy busy..
    I quit my job at Good Will...which was my delima last time I blog I believe. My son in law is opening a Thrift Store and guess who is going to manage it? No..not him..ME! So we've been very busy the last three weeks getting inventory sorted and priced, buying fixtures for the store, which by the way is not finished yet.(they still have to put the flooring in) This past week we bought 6 storage auctions and have been getting those emptied and over to the warehouse where I sort and price. This weekend is my grandaughter's graduation and I get to make all the food for the party on Sunday. As I type I have potatoes and eggs boiling for potato salad, cookies ready to go into the oven ect ect..
    But since you were so nice to inquire about me and my poor ignored blog I thought I would take the time to answer you! I love reading your have a very dry sense of humor..which I find very amusing and sometimes I need a good laugh...don't you?
    Hope you had a great time at the party and drive safely on those crazy California freeways. (that's another thing I don't miss about CA..freeways, they call them "Parkways" or Pikes" here in TN) Take care and I'll try to blog very soon.

  3. SUE, REALLY appreciat your reponse, kinda tells me that life goes on (no matter what I do---), better tells me your okay, and THAT is what counts, keep us up to date lady

  4. When I was a child, my dad asked me what kind of husband I wanted. I said "I want the kind of husband who will let me have a horse and lots of dogs."

    When I was a teenager and he asked the same question I said "I want a husband who will celebrate for any reason at all..........TUESDAY will be a reason to celebrate"

    Well, I got him. And I must say, it is EXHAUSTING!

  5. LOL ... Bragging rights are very important you know ...

    Hope you have a fantastic time at the party ... and honestly I can not imagine driving anywhere in California. I just started driving the interstate when I was pregnant with Griffin. It's the only way I could make it to my doctor's appointments. Before that I always took the "back roads" everywhere. Anyway ... I digress.

    So glad to see Sue checked in with you ... I didn't know all that was going on in her life ... and now we do. How exciting for her family and her!!

  6. Well I see you made it ok & had a lovely time.


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