Wednesday, May 14, 2008

----As the Sun Sinks, yet again In The West -----

---the sun slowly sinks in the west (something to be said for consistency)----it occurs to me, that if your a romantic movie junkie, ya might wanna click on the Scribbit button , listed under "spunky thinkers" on my page, and check out HER favorite romantic movies---the Lady has good tastes. Tonight the LP and I will dine on Macaroni and cheese, with a side of Kung Po Chinese Chicken Salad---along with a nicely chilled bottle of White Zinfandel ---a quiet but satisfying feast-----. Tonight's entertainment will be the movie (bless you Netflix), "No Country For Old Men"---(tomorrow its gonna be, "The Golden Compass")---we are sucking them outta Netflix as fast as they are released to CD---interspersed with ---ooh yeah remember that movie yadda, yadda , yadda??? which we flash on and put on on Netflix Que. What new movies get added to ur Netflix Que--you ask??---well if we see it being hyped waaay to heavy on the TV we KNOW its a loser. Both the LP and I have pretty much been exposed to the developement of commercials and advertising on TV---the GOOD stuff doesn't have to be HYPED---you would think the trailer park crowd would get wise to that----but then if they did get wise--?? how would we know just WHO had good taste?----getting dark here, time to go lay down awhile I think----stay tuned readers----


  1. How is LP feeling these day's? .

  2. I'd be interested to hear what you thought of "No Country for Old Men". I liked it. My wife hated it. A movie no one I talk to who has seen it is nuetral about.

  3. I just love getting movies by mail, we do blockbuster online. Not having to go to the video store is a plus.

    If you are going to do movie reviews you need a catch name like siskel & ebert.

    How about views from the Mitilija?

  4. I was so disappointed with the ending of "No Country for Old Men". I guess he gets killed in the end huh? All that blood and guts and then no good guy at the end! I just saw Iron Man. Very good!

  5. What did you think of No Country For Old Men? I fell asleep during it.


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