Saturday, May 24, 2008

Sometimes Ya Just Got To Do A Makeover

It was suggested by Rose (World Outside My Window listed under Spunky Thinkers), that I check into I did so and found the site very interesting and very helpful to this novice bloggster. I have spent the better part of the day reading and applying new stuff to my page. Not unlike graduating from highschool and going to college---kinda both a nerve wracking, yet terribly positive time.

I have therefore kinda deleted the cute stuff from my page, and rearranged the rest---and may do some more in the near future, not quite satisfied with the balance on the page----hard to explain just what I am striving to achieve look wise---. I have been advised by an expert, to limit my posts to five per page. That means for you that wish to read my older blogs you will have to do some clicking. or if ya know the title check the archive log bottom right of the page here.

Thanks for putting up with my changes and my dust (SITE UNDER CONSTRUCTION HERE), but like the man in gone with the wind said, "----its a far, far better thing I do---", and hopefully , in time I will have a better blog to show for it. Meanwhile if ya want "WILD and EXCITING, check out Dana's page (Life IS GOOD), another one of my spunky thinkers. (I'm hoping in the very near term to learn how to put links directly into my blog posts---like the big kids do.)


  1. I think you are doing great. Keep it up. It is fun to do some housecleaning every now and then.

  2. Hey, I know how to do that! Want a quick tutorial?

    When making a new post and it is time to add say my link.

    Type my name and highlight it then click on the little icon next to the test color, it will say LINK.

    click it and another box will come up with http:// then just add the link and hit ok and you are done.

    What ever word you highlight will become the link!

    Good Luck

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  4. I do believe my suggestion of changing your site feed to "short" will work. Just not on previous posts. When I switched my blog several years ago from no comments to allowing comments, the ones I had closed off remained so. But any posts since has allowed them.

  5. Gary your blog is looking very nice.

    I can't believe it's warmer here in VA 52 degrees than in CA right now ... your thermometer is reading 51.1. Woo Hoo ... LOL.

  6. We all learn as we go. Who says you can't teach a new dog old tricks. I still need some ideas for your banner.


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