Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Here We Go Again

Its Tuesday, comes right after Monday---like clockwork----tick tock, tick tock----(time stops for no man). It being Tuesday , its my day to do the LP's grocery list, which sends me to our local Ralph's Supermarket (which for you east coasters, is owned by the Kroger chain). Our local store is in the midst of a major re-do, and shopping there is a total adventure. Who knows what is where---so far have found everything, (except the cauliflower with cheese sauce). However, on today's list of wants given to me by the LP---he is calling for Folger's coffee, "breakfast blend"---I know for a fact the store does not have it, but neither does Gelson's (a high price market for the rich and famous, you know the type, (the ones that order Mocha Lattes where you and I would have simple said cup of coffee please). So what we have here is yet another case of the disappearing food item----a case of the stores telling us the consumers what to buy or not buy , or is it a case of the original food processors making economical decisions and cutting their overhead by offering a narrower variety of coffee blends??-----in any case its making me nervous------who ARE these food Nazi's making these decisions.


  1. I hate having to go more than one place to shop. We have been trying to stay with the "Fresh & Easy" it is doing OK for now.

  2. Every particular coffee I have ever gotten hooked on has been removed. If I wanted what they are offering, I would have chosen THAT one to begin with.

    And why doesn't your LP go grocery shopping?????

  3. For $21.15 you can buy six packages of Folgers Breakfast Blend from Amazon. You wouldn't even need to leave your house. :)

    PS: What is an LP?

  4. I sure have to agree. I no more than get something that I really like and it can never be found again. I have found a Breakfast Blend that I like now.

  5. okay boys and girls I will endeavor to fill in the picture for ya all---when I refer to the LP I am making reference to "The Little Prince". The LP is my significant other, he happens to stand about 5'-7", thus the "lil" reference. The LP is not in good health, suffering from an advance state of Ephasema, and asmatic problems----I am his significant are giver, his "gopher", and I enjoy the role I play, my world revolves around him and his health. I prefer not to talk about this facet of my life, its to personal, ok?

  6. I'd say as the price of getting food to market increases, look for an ever degreasing number of choices on the shelves. Adjustments to our lifestlye are just around the bend.

  7. gjg-I posted my comment before I read yours. I will admit to wondering about you and your life. I do that about all the bloggers I read on a regular basis. But I had no inclination to ask about anything you did not want to share of your own volition.

    Sorry to hear about LP and his health issues. Wish him well for me and tell him he is lucky to have someone to hover and gopher. It is an admirable thing you are doing.

  8. I also like Folgers breakfast blend and have found it hard to find here in NC.I used to be able to buy it in NJ.I hope you have good luck with finding the blend on Amazon like Rose suggested.

  9. YOu could have bought whatever they had and then put it in the breakfast blend container. That's what I do to my kids!

  10. will have to check out the Amazon connection , thanks for the Tip Rose., if that fails, may have ot give Nucmed's idea a shot----but doubt I slip it past the LP---he has good taste.

  11. No apologies required, no offense taken Rose, you had no way of knowing----.

  12. I found this on the internet and thought it was appropriate for this post.

    Unseen Friend
    by Iceman
    Although you are a friend of mine
    and letters we exchange,
    I wouldn't know you on the street,
    and doesn't that seem strange?

    You hold a place within my life,
    unusual and unique;
    We share ideals and special dreams,
    and still, we do not speak.

    I picture what I think you are,
    perhaps you picture me.
    An intriguing game for both of us
    for someone we can't see.

    So for this friendship we possess,
    we owe this mail a debt,
    Perhaps the charm lies in the fact
    that we have never met.


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