Friday, May 2, 2008

Those who have read my earlier blogs, you heard about my trials and tribulations trying to buy frozen cauliflower W/Cheese sauce-----now are you ready for this----I had a young person (I will not mention any names) actually comment that they had never even HEARD of Cheesy Cauliflower!!?? It makes one wonder just what kind of education children are being given these days? Trust me, the person in question here did not live THAT sheltered of a life-----but to reach adulthood and then make such a claim-----never even heard of cheesy cauliflower!!----that's scary. People like that actually are allowed to vote for president-----, we already have one President that publicly admits he doesn't like broccoli, -----whats left people, is it gonna be just a green beans, carrots and peas world??


  1. Hey! Don't forget about CORN, my personal favorite!

  2. I have never heard of Cheesy Cauliflower before. Maybe because I hate Cauliflower anything.

  3. Oooo! It's the cheese that got me to eat my vegetables at first. Now I just like them for the taste.

    little tidbit, and not meaning to dredge up an older post on ya, but I went to Tillamook Cheese factory in Oregon, and they had 'squeeky cheese'. When you ate it, it squeeks against your teeth! Fun stuff!

  4. You know, just when I feel optimistic about the state of the world, news like this just drags me right back into the mire...

    Thankfully I have Cheesy cauliflower to set me right again!

    Actually remember reading somewhere that broccoli and cauliflower are better for you when eaten with cheese or butter; I guess there is some problem with the intestinal lining absorbing all the vitamins; apparently those little healthy guys piggy-back on the fat molecules and shimy right on through. Whoda thunkit?


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