Sunday, May 18, 2008

My Grocery Store Is In Flux

There only being the two of us here , I do our grocery shopping almost daily, (hey it gets me out of the house---leave me alone). My problem, if I can call it that, is my supermarket (Ralph's)in in the midst of a major renovation----but they have chosen to remain open for business through it all. I mean like hello, every grocery isle has been moved, new flooring put in, the produce section which had been located at one end of the store has been flipped and is now located at the opposite side. I use to know which isle had just what, and I could do my shopping rather quickly, but now---oooh my god, its "pack a lunch", I may be in the place tracking down this and that for hours.

I must say however, I kinda like the challenge, and, what they are doing with the store too. I suspect when its all done, (they say a couple more months), that the "pardon our dust" price cuts they are laying on us shoppers, will disappear only to be replaced with the all new (the cost of rising gasoline added in) prices----and I will be reduced to looking for them cheap broken packages of Macaroni---(HEY, hot macaroni with butter---makes for a good meal----besides veggies are over rated in my book).

So with my trusty grocery list in hand I will once again plunge into the unknown---and with grim determination will hunt down every single item on the list---Milk (2%), bread (whole grains), butter (I can;t believe its butter margarine), Coffee, (Lg can Classic decaf), throw away razors, toilet bowl cleaner, and sundry food items----needless to say I will also be on the look out for the rare sighting of cauliflower with cheese sauce, which has mysteriously been stripped from the shelves of the grocery stores here in this area. Cleverly I will make this jaunt to the store around 1pm, the temperature outside will be close to 90+F---and will totally imbibe in the grocery stores exceptionally good air conditioning---dallying in the deli dept, stroll slowly through the freezer Isle-----stop and read labels in detail---maybe even help the odd Lil old lady or two get things off the top shelf, where they can't reach -----that is assuming they don't totally tick me off by running their grocery carts down the middle of the Isle and block others coming and going---I really , really hate Isle hoggers.-----anyway this will be my "Get-a-way" from Matilija, for the weekend---and I "VILL ENOY IT JA".


  1. I went grocery shopping the other day and I was TOTALLY annoyed with a large number of aisle hoggers. I mean ... c'mon how hard is it to stay on the RIGHT side of the aisle as you are going down the aisle. Dangit ... I get so annoyed with those people that park their shopping carts in the middle of the aisle (with their entire family around them) so you can not pass. It drives me nuts!! And you know they KNOW you are there ... ughhhh!!

    And paper piecings ... they are little bits of paper cut or punched out of paper to create a shape. I mostly make children with various phrases. They are indeed for scrapping. They are kind of like stickers.

    I'm very happy to hear that my friend Sue visited ... she's a sweetie!!

  2. Did you not hear the cost of Macaroni is going up? I dislike it when grocery stores renovate and stay open.

  3. -----Rose, and what part of looking for "broken" packages (they are cheaper than the unbroken ones) confused ya? (ha, ha)


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