Friday, May 9, 2008

The House of Matilija

There it is boys and girls, the old guys abode, the house on Matilija. Kinda underwhelms ya don't it? Its your basic, half million dollar fixer-upper here in California , a year ago the place was closer to 750,000 on the market----ain't life a kick in the head? Anyway, having been blogging about the art in the house, had someone ask where Matilija was----figured I should kinda back up some and clarify my references ---I interchange usage of the word Matilija, house, street, ---am making references to where I live, and my home environment. I hope that clears things up for ya all dear readers. OKAY, its now approaching noon here, and gonna have to do some boring stuff----pay bills, balance checkbook, find out what the LP has in mind for dinner tonight and get my cooking instructions----and wanna get it right , got one person monitoring my errors all week here----and don't want to run up the score needlessly.-------stay tuned in-----


  1. Very Nice....Hey, have yo checked my blog, I found your cauliflower w/cheese at a store called Farm Fresh. I think only found in the south. But none the less I felt kinda funny taking pictures of vegi's in the frozen food isle, bt anything for you!


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