Monday, May 12, 2008

The Art of Matilija 04

Amazing what a good dried floral arrangement can do for a room. The walls you are looking at, are textured plaster, painted a light adobe color, and the lightly brushed with adobe white on the higher levels of the plaster to accent the texture------. More on the Art of Matilija will be forth coming in future blogs---I don't wish to overwhelm ya with the magnificence of the abode here, by exposing to much in one sitting----besides its almost noon---close enough for us functioning alcoholics, who this early in the month can still can afford to keep cold beer in the fridge.


  1. Keep up the tour I love it. Your house is beautiful.

  2. I know,---I know. I can't help it, and I blame the LP for it.

  3. I agree ... your house is beautiful. Now ... go and enjoy that cold one!


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