Saturday, May 10, 2008

Some People---just have to push in and say HOWDY

---off to the right here is JUST ONE of my good looking Nieces---good looks run in the family. , she goes by the name of "Tish"----She's a middle child and has learned how to get noticed---and she really likes to be noticed, that is to say, she gets tense if she feels she is being ignored, but then don't we all?---I think it was the bells they put on her shoes when she was young to keep track of her---that and camera's---the lady can hear a camera click at 50 paces---She does play well with cameras don't she?


  1. That is a great picture of Tish. You forgot to mention it is her birthday on Sunday.

  2. She's beautiful ... and Happy Birthday Tish!

  3. not bad for a 57 year old. Who said that???


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