Sunday, May 4, 2008

Its Sunday and I've Had Second thoughts-----

Yesterday I had decided I wanted to be able to be (when the mood struck me to that is) outrageously adult, and felt therefore to do that I should change the settings on my page to allow for "adult content", and so I did------but then I spent most of last evening trying to judge what the impact would be on those coming to my blog site---and getting hit with the warning, warning label---and then once in not seeing any xxx stuff---sorta would come across as false advertising wouldn't it??----oooh sure I COULD put in some xxxx stuff, but THEN my blog page would be like so much of the net-------waaaaay to sleazy, and not even as good---so decided to put my settings back to being G-rated---and will trust my reader's will allow me the occasional risque remark or two. (and I'll endeavor not to write blog when I have had to many beers and have gotten all S---faced)

Well its just past 10am and the LP is up working on his first cup of coffee (and watching a golf tournament)-----I'm sitting here fooling around blogging and procrastinating about making up a shopping list and heading out to the store-----its now 62 degrees F, on yet another clear sunny day in Valley Glen----will be just right for sitting on the patio reading later this afternoon. Probabely SHOULD shave before leaving the house----on the other hand kinda fun to go out with the unshaved, wild-eyed, old person, look---keeps people from jostling me in the isles. While screwing around yesterday learned (you old hands probabely already know this, but if not you might find this of interest) that if one right clicks on the gadgets on the blog pages, you frequently get a drop down menu, with the option to click on "open link"---which will take you to the web site from which the gadget was originally obtained, and one can shop that site for new fun stuff.

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  1. I don't think you should change anything about your Blog writings. It doesn't matter to me if I get a warning before I read your Blog. If you change anything it might come out the same. Maybe you should take a survey???


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