Monday, May 19, 2008

"No Country For Old Men"-----THE CRITIQUE

As my many readers know, I advise I would be watching the movie "No Country For Old Men", and I am rather amazed so many of you dear people actually wrote asking for my opinion of said movie. So in response to the many requests, (okaaaay so there were only two----lets not quibble about it), ---in any case heres MY well thought out review of the movie.

How to begin-----first off I was much impressed with the cinematography----it really captured the nature of that bleak Texas countryside. Aside from Tommy Lee Jones, I have no recollection of seeing any of the cast before. I found the acting overall quite good, but unfortunately from the beginning to the end of it---felt like I had walked into the middle of a movie, missed the beginning, and missed the ending kinda feeling----. In short, never really identified with any of the characters portrayed. I would have wished for more character development, what I was given seemed incomplete-----never really understood why the one guy was out on the desert finding the original drug bust scene ----the Tommy lee Jones role, never quite lives up to the tired overworked, but competent county sheriff, good old boy thing, and the killer with the oxygen tank, ---was just that and no more----the killer with the oxygen tank. I'm afraid on this Old Dude's Scale ---would rate this movie about two stars (five stars being best)---and even that would be mostly because of the great cinematography and lighting used. I am glad I rented it, and not paid real theatre prices to see it.


  1. The movie had more impact on the big screen the first time I saw it. I experienced the same basic thing you did. Like getting to the theater 15 minutes late and the action had already left me in it's dust. And the ending bothered me.

    But the second time I saw it, I was able to look past the starkness, the realism of it and the incompleteness of it and appreciate more the understated performances of the 3 main characters.

    I liked it the first time and really liked it the second go around.

    Good review. I hadn't thought of the loss of continuity like you did. You nailed it.

  2. Thanks Mr.Macrum, you DO undertand my intial reaction to the movie, and I guess should I see it again, would get more into the characters play----the acting was quite good, I just don't much care for those movies that give us a --"slice in the life" no real beginning or ending---kinda almost like watching previews

  3. Hubby said it sucked. It must have as I fell asleep. lol

  4. Thanks for the update. I won't waste my time with watching this one.

  5. Still loving your blogs! Too bad about the hang man but he had to go. I am sure he will be missed. Killing the pigeons is too easy, killed the 18 first try. Maybe it was beginners luck but I am choosing not to try again and be disappointed. I totally agree on your take of the movie. I even tried to watch it again and see if I somehow missed something. I think you need to do a movie reviews on your blog. I personally would love to read your take on them and not rely on critics on TV. How about it? Love, Melanie


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