Sunday, May 11, 2008

Onward and Upward----yeah rightttt

Okay boys and girls, the old dude here is continuing to do his best to learn the ins and outs of blogging. I am now trying to get my blog page listed in various places, also making comments on other blogs I find interesting and amusing . I have even added a list of fun blogs under the heading "Spunky Thinkers" on my page. So if my own pearls of wisdom don't grab your interest all the time, check out the links under Spunky Thinkers. My latest effort has been to sign up with a site titled " WhereIStand", in which I have volunteered my opinions on any number of topics, and which may or may not get me new readers of my own blog, which I think is going to start getting a bit more opinionated-----just why the hell isn't cauliflower w/cheese sauce available in my local stores?? get me the Mayor on the phone-------


  1. think you should run for Mayor. Then we would have Cauliflower with cheese sauce in the market.

  2. Hey!

    I love your blog! I hope this shows up!

  3. There's only one "Gab" in my life , and so has to be my youngest niece out in Phoenix checking my blog----so when are YOU gonna start blogging.

  4. Gary ... I have to tell you ... after my first visit to your blog, I added your blog link to my blogroll. I think your blog is very interesting and fun to visit!! Maybe you'll get some clicks from me!


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