Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Never Ask a Women a Simple Question

You would have thought by the tender age of 71, I would have learned not to ask a women a question and actually expect a definitive answer. Yesterday in my blog I asked, should I keep or trash the Hangman 's game at the end of my blog page,-- a simple yes or no type of question, or at least so I thought. Then the comments start to come in---do I get simple yes or no votes?? nope I get no, but maybe yes, gee I don't know, and gosh what about the pigeon game, and yadda yadda, yadda. How did the pigeon game get involved?? I never asked about the damn pigeon game, I asked about the Hangman's game-----?? Its scary how women think-----I don't think I want one as president-----?? (madame president do you think we should bomb Iraq?---well I never been to Iraq, but have been to Korea, and I didn't like the food in Korea, so think we should bomb Korea, and keep Iraq-------women are fuzzy thinkers---They, as a group, seem to have problems with simple yes/no questions however. (blink blink blink)


  1. I think you should keep it ------------------------but how do you play the dam game? Ha! Ha!
    another womans answer. Your sweet niece.

  2. I think you better be nice to the women or they will not come to your Blog site.

  3. LOL ... I literally laughed out loud at this post. You are right, you know.

    Okay ... a definative answer ... from one person who wants the PIGEON GAME to stay ...

    Do not get rid of the Hangman Game ... it makes people happy.

  4. got the entire guy hanging but then ??? Get rid of it. Love, Mel


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