Thursday, May 22, 2008

Kinda Getting Nervous Here

Its late afternoon, the sun as disappeared behind a heavy cloud layer---and just a moment ago teh house reverberated with the sound of thunder. Normally this would not bother me all that much, but---as I sit here operatng the puter here, it occurs to me, this unit is on the same circuit as the motor for the pool house, which is located right under the Power pool with the residential power transformer, and the pool motor is running----and-----my family has a history of having their homes struck by lightning----twice in our home in ohio, twice again in the house in Michigan-----kinda makes a guy think ya know?? maybe I should shut the unit down and ride it out---or maybe what the hell do my imation of Errrol Flyn, laugh in the face of diversity and go full speed ahead------"NO Wait!!" SCREAMS another part of my mind---which brings on the movie moment in "REBEL WITHOUT A CAUSE", starring James Dean, where he cries out the line to his parents confronting him with what they expect from him etc, etc, "STOP, YOUR TEARING ME APART". I know I'm crazy, but hey, I'm really harmless, my life sometimes just seems one movie out take after another---everybody has been there and done it, better than I did it---but one of these days I will discover MY SCENE, and then look out world---a STAR will be born------!!? "It don't rain in California, but it pours---" , partial lyrics of a song I can't pull up the song title. ---"help me, help!! ?" , which in turn is a famous line from the movie , "The Fly"---. Well damn, descretion if the better part of valor (don't ask me I don't know who said that first), gonna shut down, ride the storm out, and relax with a cold one---or two. later dudes and dudettes.


  1. The like the new look of the blog. Also like the "this day in history' part. Johnny Carson was a good one.
    And don't worry too much, but my house was struck by lightning once when I was little--knocked pictures off the wall and cracked the ceiling. It's powerful stuff.

  2. ---thanks for the input---not "nice" to fool Mother Nature right Thad?

  3. I love the new look of your blog too.

    Everytime we have a lightning storm here, I always unplug the computer and the tv.

    When we lived in Central Florida (where I grew up and lived until 5 years ago), we once had lightning strike a tree in the backyard and catch it on fire. I was scared to death as I was home all by myself. I just knew the tree was going to fall on our boat and house and catch it on fire. Thank goodness the fire department arrived before any of that happened. I have great respect for mother nature!

  4. Did you know that the word was dude was originally used in reference to a horse's penis.


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