Sunday, May 11, 2008

Well Darn, My Blog Has Done Gone International

Been blogging now since way back on April 20th of this year---and this morning was checking my site map (its clear down near the bottom of my blog page, should you care to check it out yourselves), and there it was , one pin the map from an anonymous reader in Kitchener, Canada---wow, now I can say people read my blog not only inside the country, but outside as well. So thank YOU strange person in Kitchener, you've ,made this old dude's day---this Lil blog is dedicated to YOU.


  1. I wonder if that might Aaron Gilmore? He is in Canada now.

  2. might be my friend Izzy, she is from Canada

  3. You've gone international, baby!!! I do not know if you use Site Meter or not ... but it will tell you from where your visitors have linked from. Does that even make sense???


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