Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Some shots of the Back Yard

Here you can see a couple shots of the back yard, not a good pic of the Shrub,it is due for its quarterly pruning, but you can still get the idea of how it looks when properly barbered. (the place where i do all my reading is at the end of the walk and behind the pine tree. Its where I go when I ---"vaunt to be alone".


  1. The yard looks beautiful to me!!

  2. The yard looks nice. I bet it is huge. (Hey boy reply to your comments here and check email. lol)

  3. I am surprised to hear some think my back yard is huge---its your basic city lot 150foot wide, and the back yard runs about 75 feet deep, the pool takes up half my back yard. If you have been reading my blog you have already seen the pool pic. (the pook is to tghe right of the pics in this blog)

    Thanks for saying the yardlooks good, its in bad need of a trim, but I couldn't wait for Lollo to trim it----


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