Wednesday, May 14, 2008

"------Speaking of Movies-----

its amazing how one acquires stuff---the pic at the right is our (mine and the LP's) combined video collection of movies, some 700 plus of them. In LP's case he started as a hobby to collect all the Betty Davis movies (he has to the best of our knowledge all but two of them, and we don't think the missing ones are available and have been lost to posterity). My own tastes ran (and still run ) to hey I liked it, I want my own copy---long story short, ( I know, to late now for that)---we have ourselves one damn fine collection of classic movies---pretty much nailed the top 50 of all time------name a movie of any notoriety, we most likely got it here on the wall. Both the LP and I are movie addicts, (beats anything offered on TV ---watching the academy awards show is mandatory at our house---that and Champagne and toasted biscuits with marmalade watching the Rose Parade) I and the LP both like those movies which develop the on screen characterizations, and the characters STAY in character, and not suddenly do something out of character.---in short good writing and good directing----the exact opposite of reality TV garbage.


  1. Wow you do have some collection!

  2. Wowza ... that is quite the collection!

  3. Wow! What a collection, there is nothing like a good movie. I love action movies.

    I replaced my favorites with DVD's and then sold the DVD's on e-bay.

  4. That is quite the collection. Hubby & I are movie buffs too.


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