Wednesday, May 7, 2008

sorry to be using you sweet reader as a test, but the old dude here is learning how to use the camera, and post it to my blog---so just bare with me---the pic to your left is a small part of the decor and artwork found in our abode here----more on that later---probably later today----(but don't hold your breath---am also trying to bring my blog page up to a more---(hopefully)---level of amusment which will be of more interest to the world, so in that endeavor am trying to get educated on what "Tags", "Rss feeds, etc, etc, are, and also reading how to articles on how to make one's blog more polished, and professional----and rapidly learning I am gonna have to learn how to walk before I can run---in short gonna have to stay on the porch here---not quite ready to run with the big dogs ----YET.

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  1. Good job so far. You are going to be better than the rest of us. Know one has read all the leasons or tutorials on Blogger.


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