Saturday, May 17, 2008

I Can't Stand it---NO HITTING

I didn't know, like I JUST DIDN'T KNOW!!!----Yeah sure I said what said, and at the time it was sincere, but then things just didn't happen that way and ---damn, now I got all these people asking me how did I like the Movie ----and I haven't watched it yet---like I said I was gonna do, and oooooh jeez I just didn't know people were actually reading my crap and commenting----gawd, you can't imagine my guilt right now. I promise I will throw myself at the LP's feet and beg to watch that particular movie tonight (Saturday. I am reasonably confident he will understand the corner in which I have painted myself and with a minimum of lecture will condescend to let me get off the hook---although kinda KNOW he is hot to watch "The Golden Compass" vid from Netflix, which we also have on the table------Mercy people, I'm begging here---will review the move "No Country For Old Men"-----really soon---OKAY??

PS. I am diligently reading on blogging and how to---been kinda lost in my research so didn't manage to blog yesterday------you might wanna check out my "Spunky Thinkers" list---kinda find those blogs not only interesting, but informative---should ya check out those blogs and make comments tell em you got the link from my page.

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  1. Thank you for the linky love. Linky love means linking to a site you enjoy. I'm off to visit all the blogs in the sidebar and I'm looking forward to the movie review.


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