Friday, May 23, 2008

Okay SO I'm Nuts---I'm Harmless

I think I can LIVE with this color scheme a while-------its not to dark and its not to light, and at least for me find I can read it without my old eyes watering----so lets give it a try for a while. I see my Middle Niece , Tish, has set up her blog page (shes listed under good people on the right hand side of my page here). If you like your women to be independent, and unafraid to express their opinions---give her a shout. I have two other nieces Melanie and Gabriel-----and three Nephews, who don't have the time to blog, to busy ruling their empires, between road trips .

Tonight, the weather being somewhat cold and wet, will be hot turkey sandwiches, with the traditional mashed potatoes and Lil green peas, served with a side of cherry jello, with chunks of peaches and pears.

To nights entertainment will be brought to us by Netflix---the LP hasn't informed me yet which movie it will be.

Today in the mail we received our government issued coupons to use in the acquisition of the required decoder box for our analog TV---once installed should allow us to receive the HD definition TV broadcasts signals. Tomorrow I will go get the damn decoder box and see if there is any improvement in our TV signal (nothing I can do about the programing unfortunately).

Tomorrow being Saturday, I get my weekly allowance (that's my social security check divided by 4.3-----minus those funds needed to pay the monthly credit card bills, the gardeners, the pool guy, and rent----it makes for interesting grocery shopping, I am a subscriber to "short cuts" an online service that allows me to select those coupons I want, then go to my local Ralph's and shop, and the coupons are automatically deducted from my total---paperless coupons . The site will assist you in identifying which grocery chains are eligible, and the nearest store near where you live, you punch in your store card, IE Ralph's, Kroger, Von's etc etc and that's it.

I'm working on a new quiz (or as Rose likes to call em a Meme)---from the comments I got they all seem kinda a mix of ohh no, to ooooh boy!!---be warned I have no qualms about tagging. (be nice )

The LP has informed me that come this Sunday Lolo and his wife Maria will be coming. Lolo is our expert handyman who does everything from repair our screens, prune our hedges, oil our squeaking doors to washing the windows on the outside. Maria , his wife, takes care of us two old bachelors by doing the requisite dusting, vacuuming, and waxing, scouring and otherwise boring housework. What this really means is that tomorrow (Saturday), this old dude is gonna be cleaning house so when the maid arrives, they won't think we are total slobs. I figure this monthly routine costs be about 100 bucks plus the cost of lunch while they are here---and I consider it a price well worth what it saves this old dude in the way of physical effort. (thanks LP)-----(it occurs to me some may not know ---when I mention the LP, I am making reference to my significant other, my roommate Jerry who I refer to in these journals as "The Lil Prince")

Question, some of you know, others have just observed, like myself, but how does one post like Rose does-----starts out with an eye grabbing short paragraph, then one gets a link --"more---" to click on to read the rest of the blog. How does one do that,I think that's the slickest thing I have seen since they invented bread slicers? If you haven't seen that phenomenal presentation skill, check out ,"Outside My Window" , listed under my Spunky Thinkers list off to the right on my page here.---oooh and Rose?? lets not tell the others about the original word usage of dude okay?? (and where DO you learn that kinda stuff anyway?)

Okay, we will interrupt tonight's broadcast for a few messages out there to our friends, -----
"The sky will be blue on Tuesday", I repeat, "The sky will be blue on Tuesday"------to our friends in Graniteville---"Stay inside on Wednesday from the storm", I repeat, "Stay inside on Wednesday from the storm"----now back to our regular programming.


  1. OK. This time around and your page loaded correctly and my eyes are now at ease. I like your decorating! AND I'm on my way to find that website where I can get my paperless coupons! Miss you at my blog. I think you will enjoy the new posts.

  2. I'm just so full of info. I can't give you all my secrets now can I. I can help with expanded post summaries (Read more like on my blog). Join and I'll help. I just love hot turkey sandwiches by the way.

  3. You can set your blog up with the teaser style from the "manage posts" section in the dashboard. Go to "site feed" button. The first section "Allow Blog Feeds" is where you want to go. You can select the Full Monty, The Short Monty, or the No Monty. Picking "Short" will feed only the first paragraph.

    What is this, the 3rd or 4th do-over of your page? Like you commented in my blog, it is not what we think, but what you think. If it makes you happy, then that is what it should be. So change it everyday if it suits you.

    I come for the words. The rest is window dressing.

  4. I love this color scheme. You have posted so much info that I don't know where to start.

    I am starting back a couple posts ago, I have been a little busy and have not been able to keep up with my daily Three score and I am having withdrawals. LOL

    I'm still waiting on my stimulus check, not sure what we are doing with those checks, maybe some shopping. The TV thing is bizarre to me, who thought up all that crap?

    You clean up before your cleaning people come?, everyone does that, don't they? I think that is funny

    I would rather have a chef than a cleaning lady, I think I will do a poll on my blog...

    I am excited Tish is blogging now!
    Maybe she can post great recipes?

    Have a great memorial day weekend!

    Sorry if I rambled

  5. Got ya' on my page again lil' buddy.

  6. Gary ... when I have a cleaning lady come in, I always clean up before she gets here too.

    I hope you have a TERRIFIC weekend my friend.

  7. Hey Gary ... per your blog comment ... we live right outside of Richmond, VA. We are about an hour and a half south of Washington, DC ... just in case you wanted to know. =)

  8. OK gjg, ya little huggy bear. Yes it's warmer in New Albany today, but it's New Albany, INDIANA, not New York!


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